3 Common Types of Door Locks

Securing your home or business with a door lock is an important aspect of ownership. With the right lock, you can keep your home or structure safe. Still, not everyone realizes there are different types of locks to choose from. At Unlock Indy LLC, our expertise is usually requested when someone has locked themselves out, not when they’re trying to lock others out. Still, we provide professional guidance and services when it comes to selecting the best exterior door lock for your home or business. Here are several of the most common types to choose from.

3 Common Types of Door Locks


1. Deadbolts

Deadbolts are the most common type of residential front door lock. Usually, these locks are installed in conjunction with a doorknob and provide extra security for your home. Deadbolts don’t house a spring-activated lock, hence the name. They are also constructed of various metal strengths, which indicates how much pressure they can withstand before being broken. The thicker the bolt, the more force it will take for someone to break in.

2. Smart Locks

Thanks to advances in home security and technology, smart locks are growing in popularity. These locks require specific instructions from a device in order to unlock and lock. They are often accompanied by a numbered touchpad that is programmed with a secret code that only the home or store owner should have. With WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, many people are turning to smart locks to discourage intruders.

3. Cylindrical Lever Locks

Cylindrical lever locks are also a common option for homeowners, as well as business owners. However, you’re more likely to run into a cylindrical lever lock at a business, simply for the fact that the handle takes up a significant amount of space. Cylindrical lever locks jut out farther from the door than regular doorknobs. They come in a variety of shapes and designs, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs and matches the décor of your home or business.

Call the Lock Experts

Do you have more questions about your front door lock options? If so, then call our team of locksmiths at Unlock Indy LLC. We offer additional services, including re-keying your entire home or business, cracking the code on your safe, and installing new deadbolts and locks to your front doors. To schedule an appointment in Indianapolis, Carmel, or Fishers, IN, contact us today at (317) 590-2842. 

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