What Is a Smart Lock and Do I Need One for My Home?

In today’s competitive world, many organizations are focusing on the latest technology. The term leapfrogging refers to a drastic launch in a company’s development, and we see this every day when companies reinvent themselves or release upgraded material. Technology has improved the most basic objects, even the lock to your door, with the invention of the smart lock. Unlock Indy LLC are the lock experts of Indianapolis. For all of your lock needs, call (317) 590-2842.

Have you had trouble opening an old lock, dealt with a broken or jammed key, or lost your key? Technology has solved the problems traditional locks have yet to figure out. Described as an electromechanical lock, the smart lock is crafted to eliminate the hassle and frustration of physically unlocking a door.

Advanced Smart Lock

Features of a Smart Lock

Smart locks are standard in most “smart homes” but can be installed as an upgrade to most traditional locks. Like all locks, a smart lock needs a key. Generally, most smart locks require a cryptographic key to activate the mechanism. Cryptographic keys provide more security than passwords because they operate using specific algorithms whereas passwords can be guessed, remembered, replicated, or forgotten.

Smart locks offer features such as:

  • Remote locking and unlocking
  • 24-Hour Guest Ekey access
  • Scheduled Ekeys
  • Compatibility with other smart devices such as Alexa
  • Tracks who enters and leaves the home
  • Tamper alarms
  • Voice and touch commands

Do I Need a Smart Key?

Smart keys were invented to simplify the lives of busy people. Starting at about $200, these keys are useful for clients who manage larger homes with busy families. Smart keys are also useful to people who rent out spaces as they may have guests coming and going at random times. The convenience of a smart lock allows your babysitters, dog walkers, gardeners, and housekeepers temporary access to your home while you aren’t around. The entire point of a key is to make you feel safe in your own home, whether you need a smart key to do so is your choice.

Unlock Indy LLC are the 24-hour lock specialists in Indianapolis and can solve all your locksmithing needs. If you have any questions or get locked out of your car or home, call (317) 590-2842  for immediate assistance, or contact us online.

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