3 Hidden Business Costs of Lost Keys

Keeping your business secure is essential. Whether it’s locking up merchandise at night or securing the deadbolt to the front door, every company has a set or two of master keys. However, accidents happen, and sometimes these keys can go missing. When they do, it can become a business liability and risk not to replace your keys right away. Rekeying your entire business is a large project, but not one that Unlock Indy, LLC, can’t handle. If you’re still not convinced, check out these hidden business costs associated with lost keys.

3 Hidden Business Costs of Lost Keys


1. Loss of Productivity

When a critical key goes missing, many business owners fail to consider the loss of productivity its absence can cause. Key losses can shut down entire business processes or close off entire departments. At larger organizations, an entire rekeying project can take weeks, so don’t wait to get your order in for new keys.

2. Safety Concerns

Lost keys are a significant risk for anyone, especially business owners. If you suspect your master keys have been stolen, requesting new locks and keys for the doors is the only sure way to keep your store and your employees safe from vandalism or burglary. Anything accessible with the lost key is at risk, so make a list of all those places and hand it over to your trusted locksmith.

3. Damage of Reputation

If your business keys go missing and you or your team are unable to access key features of your business, consumer faith in your company could decrease. The public might also hear that you’ve lost your keys, further damaging your reputation as a secure business. Key loss in specific industries, such as corrections facilities, could deepen public distrust. Avoid this loss of reputation by having your keys replaced immediately.

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