3 Ways to Identify a Locksmith Scam

Keys provide you with access to the most important things in your life. These things might include your car, home, business,  or even an in-home safe. No matter the case, keys play an essential role in our everyday lives; so when they go missing, anxiety and worry go through the roof. What can compound your worry is falling for a locksmith scam. Unlock Indy LLC has seen too many people fall victim to these scams, so here are just a few ways to identify one before it happens to you.

3 Ways to Identify a Locksmith Scam

1. Stay Away from Toll-Free Numbers

If you find a locksmith company with an 800 phone number, this is a pretty big red flag. This type of phone number usually means you’ll be dealing with an out-of-state call center and not a local company. Furthermore, this also means the locksmiths might not be vetted properly or familiar with the area. To avoid hassles, stick with local businesses with local phone numbers.

2. Don’t Bite on Low Prices

If a locksmith is offering extremely low prices, be leery of using their services. Often, locksmith scammers will reel you in with starting quotes of $30 or $40, only to gouge you once they arrive. They usually tell you that the job will require more than originally quoted, or it’s more complicated than they thought. While it’s not unusual for a final quote to be a little bit higher, locksmith jobs aren’t usually that complicated, especially for a professional. So, don’t bite on those low prices; instead, keep looking around.

3. Look for Branding

If you’ve already called a company but still worry about being scammed, look for the company’s branding when they arrive. Scammers will usually work out of an unmarked vehicle and lack any proper business identification. Their vans or vehicles should have the company name, logo, and phone number, at a minimum. You should also expect the locksmith to be wearing some kind of company logo or T-shirt. If not, then you should keep your guard up.

Call Us & Avoid a Scam

If you’ve ever fallen for a scam, don’t worry. It happens to the best of us. But we guarantee you won’t make that mistake again, especially when you put your trust and faith in Unlock Indy. We’ve worked hard to establish a legacy of trust and honesty with residents and business owners throughout Indianapolis, IN. So, whether you need rekeying, deadbolt installation, car locksmith services, or have an after-hours emergency, you can rely on us! Just give us a call at (317) 590-2842, and we’ll be there!

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