3 Ways to Improve Home Security on a Budget

Improving your home’s security shouldn’t break the bank. But, there are several ways you can improve home security on a budget. At Unlock Indy LLC, we love helping homeowners feel safe and secure in their dwellings. And sometimes, the smallest changes can make a world of difference. So, here are three ways to improve home security without it costing an arm and a leg.

3 Ways to Improve Home Security on a Budget

1. Upgrade Locks

If your exterior doors have old locks, updating them is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to make your home more secure. Your motivations for upgrading exterior door looks could be to add additional ones or to replace them because of lost keys. No matter your reasoning, your home’s door locks are one of the first lines of defense to intruders. Therefore, keeping them up to date can ensure your security and safety.

2. Outdoor Lighting

Installing motion-activated lighting in your front and back yards is a great way to deter any suspicious activity. Most unwelcomed guests immediately flee when a motion-activated light is tripped. Furthermore, when you have motion lights out front, it can also alert those inside the home, as well as your neighbors, to something outside. These lights are inexpensive and easy to install.

3. Prune Your Landscaping

If you have tall bushes near the entrances of your home, then you should consider pruning them back and keeping them short. While we all love greenery and a great landscaping layout, tall bushes make for the perfect cover for someone to hide. So, keeping your bushes short is a great way to ensure security and safety. Furthermore, maintaining bushes below window or porch level means you can easily see what’s happening out in your front yard.

We Make Home Feel Safe

Keeping your family safe is easy when you contact Unlock Indy LLC. We provide safe and secure locksmith services like rekeying, deadbolt installation, and 24-hour emergency services to residents throughout Fishers, Carmel, Indianapolis, and Broad Ripple, IN. So, if you’re ready to feel safe and secure in your home, call us at (317) 590-2842.

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