5 Interesting Facts about Locks and Keys

In today’s society, we often take our security for granted. We use various technologies to keep our homes, families, and possessions safe, but perhaps the most popular and reliable is the lock and key. However, most people will be amazed to know that locks and keys haven’t always been used. But, as you might expect, these common household and business accessories have evolved over the centuries. As expert locksmiths, Unlock Indy, LLC, finds these five facts about locks and keys interesting.

5 Interesting Facts about Locks & Keys

1. Fort Knox Codes Change Daily

Most of the world knows that a majority of the United States’ gold reserves are held at Fort Knox. But what most people don’t know is that the codes for the locks change daily. Staff coming and going through the locked doors have to remember ever-changing codes.

2. Keys Were a Status Symbol for Viking Women

During the Viking era, women were held with high regard and were often responsible for being the family’s key keeper. Many women took on this responsibility with pride, sewing keys into their dresses to reflect their status and power within their communities and homes.

3. Lock Date Back 4,000 Years

Some of the oldest locks ever discovered were from Ancient Egyptian times. Researchers and archeologists found locks in a cave believed to be more than 4,000 years old, and many Egyptian mummies have been found with locks in their tombs.

4. Birds Can Pick Locks

Of course, we don’t mean all birds! But in 2017, a parrot named Magic picked his way through two different padlocks on his cage. Not only did this surprise his owners, who were on vacation at the time, but it also shocked the rest of the world. Who knew?

5. Early Locksmiths Were Craftsmen

Not only were early locks installed by locksmiths, but they were also crafted by them as well. This meant that the locksmiths had significant control and knowledge of the locks they were installing. Most of these locks were even customized for their application.

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