Choose Whole Home Rekeying for Safety and Peace of Mind

Who else has a key to your home? If you can think of anyone besides the person who feeds your cat while you’re on vacation, it might be time to consider whole home rekeying. By rekeying your locks, you’re prioritizing the security of your home – and it’s far cheaper and easier than replacing all of the locks. With Unlock Indy LLC as your trusted locksmith, your home will be safe and secure.

Rekey Your Whole Home

What Is Rekeying?

Rekeying is the process of altering the inside of a lock so that it responds to a new key. Rekeying reprograms the lock, rendering the old key useless. Got multiple different keys to outside doors? We can program them all to the same key if you choose. As a bonus, the cost to rekey locks is much less than the cost of buying and installing new lock hardware.

Who Needs Rekeying Services?

Whether you’re a new homeowner, realtor, or business owner, we can help you with all of your rekeying needs. We’ve been serving residences and businesses in Indianapolis, CarmelFishersBroad Ripple, and the surrounding areas since 2010.

  • Homeowners: When you buy a house, it’s impossible to know to whom the previous homeowners gave spare keys. Change the locks to prioritize safety. Did you rent out a room or the basement to a tenant? If so, it’s a good idea to rekey the lock after each tenant leaves, even if they leave on good terms.
  • Realtors: If you’re a real estate agent, Unlock Indy LLC is the key to a smooth closing day. We’ll change the locks and provide a set of new, shiny keys for the excited new homeowners.
  • Business Owners: As a business owner, building safety is your responsibility. With our commercial rekeying services, you can ensure that only authorized employees have access. This service is especially important after personnel changes.
  • Others: Our professionals can also rekey locks in Indianapolis during home evictions or foreclosures. We’ll make these unfortunate interactions as simple as possible by arriving on time and working quickly.

Choose a Fast, Reliable Locksmith

Rekeying locks is the fast and affordable way to protect a home or business. Contact us today by phone or text message at (317) 590-2842 to make an appointment or to speak with a locksmith.

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