Secure Your Small Business with Confidence

From one small business to another, we get it. You want to make sure your business assets are as secure as possible. When you need services of a locksmith, you need someone who is reliable, honest, and gets the job done fast. For all of your commercial locksmith needs, contact Unlock Indy LLC at (317) 590-2842 or connect with us online.

Hire a locksmith to secure your business

Commercial Locksmith Services

  • Lock rekeying: Many business owners require this lock service after personnel changes. It doesn’t do any good to put things under lock and key when the wrong people have access to the key. We can quickly rekey locks, programming them to respond to a new set of keys.
  • Emergency lockouts: Unfortunately, lockouts happen. If you’re locked out of the building, don’t panic. Instead, call our 24-hour locksmith. His fast response time, flat-rate pricing, and friendly personality will transform your crisis into a minor inconvenience.
  • Key cutting: Are your keys causing headaches? Don’t waste precious time dealing with temperamental keys that stick or refuse to turn. Our master locksmith will repair the damaged key or create a new one. If you need to replace a lost key, or duplicate a key for a new employee, we’ve got you covered there, too.
  • Lock servicing and maintenance: Just like a car, door locks need a tune-up from time to time, to keep things working smoothly. Regular maintenance including lock lubrication, adjustment, and alignment, will increase the safety and functionality of the lock while decreasing long-term expenses. Contact us to schedule an appointment and we’ll make sure your locks stay in tip-top shape.

Looking for more locksmith services in the Indianapolis area? Chances are, if it’s “lock and key” related, we can take it care of it for you — and if not, we’ll point you to someone who can. Send us a message online, or give us a call (or text) today at (317) 590-2842. 

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