4 Most Commonly Asked Locksmith Questions

Whether you’ve locked yourself out of your car, home, office, you’ve lost your keys, or someone has a key to your home/car/office and you don’t want them to, Unlock Indy LLC can help. Sometimes it’s as simple as a lock just having an issue and won’t work—or you may just need new locks on a new door somewhere. Whatever your needs, we have you covered. We’ve been serving Indiana since 2010!

No matter which one of the above situations it may be, our customers always tend to ask the same questions. We’re always happy to answer any questions, but it may be useful to read below to see some of our FAQs.

Will My Locks Need to Be Changed?

About 95% of the time, our customers just need their locks re-keyed. This is when the cylinder of the existing lock is changed so that the lock remains, but the old key won’t work. Changing the lock means completely throwing out an entire knob, lever, lock, etc. and installing a completely new one.

After You Open My Lock, Will It Still Work?

Unless we have to drill the lock, it should still work after we open it for you. If we have to drill it, it will then need to be replaced with a new one. (We only drill when a lock is severely damaged.)

Locksmith Opening a Door

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Will I Need to Prove that the Car/Home/Office is Mine?

Yes. Before we can help you, we’ll need proof that you are the owner of the property you’re locked out of or for which you are trying to change the locks. If you’re unable to prove to us that you have the right to change the locks or have them fixed, we won’t be able to help you.

Are You Available 24/7?

Yes! We make ourselves available 24/7 so that no matter when you may find yourself locked out or in need of our emergency services, we’re here to help.

For more information about Unlock Indy’s services, contact us at (317) 590-2842. We happily serve residents in and around Indianapolis, Fishers, and Carmel, IN.

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